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aLy BaSs


At 25 years old, Aly has already lived several lives, from the kid raised in the Schaarbeek blocks in Brussels, to star child, to enraged rapper. With an insatiable appetite to go one better, Aly was raised to respect her roots, but had no desire to stay in her neighbourhood. She convinced her parents to let her try for Eurovision selection, which took her on tour “signing autographs the whole time”. But her parents thought it was too much, too fast and Aly was back to square one. A spot on Belgium’s Got Talent and a move to Paris should have been another big break but ended in frustration, fuelling Aly’s fire, which finally exploded on her EP Je 2 Société, where she pours out her anger at the male-dominated music industry in the form of unbridled rap. “I thought this EP could give strength to other girls – to make them feel powerful,” she says. “Once calm and in peace, I was able to sing again.”

As she drops her first album this November, Aly shows just how far she’s come.


Who has influenced your music career?

The singers that have influenced my career the most, are various artists, for example I really admire singers like Avril Lavigne and also Stromae or Young Thug.

What’s the inspiration behind the piece in your Bershka collab?

It’s from the 2000’s, Do u remember the F*** me I’m famous t–shirt with some of Britney spears things like “It’s Aly B***”.

How, when and where did Aly Bass get started?

When I signed my deal with Arista in Sony. When I stopped « je2societe », that’s when Aly Bass really started.

Who is Aly Bass? Fill us in on your fave food, movies, hobbies — whatever makes you tick.

My favourite food is Chinese food, I like trap music, writing, singing, clothes and dancing too!

Tell us three weird things about you — from pre-show rituals to what you pack on tour.

Before a show starts, it’s like I don’t know where the things are ha! I need to be by myself in complete silence. I don’t bring anything with me in particular and I normally drink around two liters ice tea before I go up on stage.

What’s the latest music you can’t live without – and the festivals you can’t wait for?

RR 9.1 Koba la D feat Niska and We Love Green festival!

aLy BaSs