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aCe tEE


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aCe tEE

About Ace Tee

Born in Germany to Ghanaian parents, Ace Tee – aka Tarin Wilda – was raised on Sunday school, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown and 2Pac. Her parents eventually gave her a Fisher Price mic and a keyboard, and she began recording herself. The rest, as they say, is history.
She soon swapped the plastic mic for a MacBook, and began honing her skills in Logic Pro, always growing as an artist and eventually gaining the confidence to share her work.

“Not bad for a girl,” was a comment she received often – which only made her want to prove even more just how good this girl could get.

Today, at 25, she’s one of the biggest hopes in the guy-dominated German rap scene, landing a runaway hit with her self-released 2017 song Bist du down? (Are you down?), which went viral straight after it dropped, a once-in-a-decade feat for German-language music.


Why Ace Tee?

Ace is my style and tee comes from Tarin.

What’s the inspiration behind the pieces in your Bershka collab?

The nightlife!!!

How, when and where did Ace Tee get started?

2014. I built the first beats with my first computer.

Who is Ace Tee? Fill us in on your fave food, movies, hobbies – whatever makes you tick.

Ace Tee likes amines, is very emotional and can’t be put in drawers. My favorite food is Jollof Rice and my hobbies are making music and fashion!

Tell us three weird things about you – from pre-show rituals to what you pack on tour.

Breathing exercises before the performance so that my voice is warmed up!
Pray for the concert to go well.
I sit in silence and try to project how I want to run the show

What’s the latest music you can’t live without – and the festivals you can’t wait for?

I hear Leikeli47, Novelist, Sade and Jarreau Vandal on heavy rotation.
I am already looking forward to Afrochella.

aCe tEE