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nAtHy pElUsO

nAtHy pElUsO


Born in Buenos Aires and now a Barcelona local, Peluso has scored a global following for her fresh brand of Latin-infused pop – the kind that comes through on her 2018 EP, La Sandunguera, which fuses soul, R&B, hip-hop and all kinds of Latin sounds. It already has Peluso headed straight for icon status – not bad for a girl who self-released her first EP, Esmeralda, just one year earlier. This featured the breakthrough single, Corashe, which hit one million YouTube views in less than two months.

Formally trained as a dancer, Peluso was a gymnast for nine years, before studying physical theatre. Throughout her training, she’s linked the study of music to that of movement, and today, she’s all about bringing drama and theatre to her vocals, dance moves and style. And she’s definitely not interested in conforming to one category:

“With time, I intend to create a new musical avant-garde.”


How did everything start?

Since I was a kid, I have felt an enormous attraction for art and I have always been related to it. As I grew older, I was intuitively configuring my musical world. Wherever I went, I ended up singing and without a doubt; this was always a great sign. I have sung in bars, restaurants, choirs, theaters, events … I composed with the guitar and when I discovered YouTube, I covered songs that I admired … Later on I met music producers, and step by step I became the artist that I am today.

What’s the inspiration behind the pieces in your Bershka collab?

One of the inevitable pillars of my musical proposal is aesthetics. Each piece of clothing that I wear talks about me and about how I feel, dresses my music and my character. Clothes are a language for me, one of the languages ​​I use to communicate myself. When designing these garments I thought of those two parts that define me as a singer, the Sandunguera, with its rhythm, its colours and its tropical universe and, on the other hand, the Hip Hop and the 90’s that I love so much. These are the elements that define me as a person, and that I have taken to the designs of these garments.

If you had one message to give to your fans what would it be?

That they never stop working their inside, even if it is an arduous job. That they use the music for what it is really for in the world, to help each other, to live it and to break it down. And that they never stop looking for happiness and knowing what this means.

What surprises has Nathy Peluso got for 2019?

A tour of Spain and Latin America presenting Natikillah and my last album, La Sandunguera, with my whole band. I’m in the studio working hard on my new album. Can’t wait to share it!

Who are your influences?

Music as a whole influences me, because everything has something to teach me. I have always been highly attracted to jazz, swing, hip hop and all African-American music in general. Louis Amstrong, Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellingtong, James Brown, Aretha, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Notorious Big … I could go on forever. Brazilian music has also captured my heart throughout my life: Joao Gilberto, Djavan … And of course, salsa is a very important part of my influences: Ray Barreto, Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and an eternity of wonderful musicians who have taught me the most immense, the sincerity of music, the tastiness and rhythm.

Who is Nathy Peluso?

Nathy is a person who loves music, good movies, food and friendship. I love sharing everything, breathing the smell of freshly cut grass and the smell of rain on summer nights. I love falling in love and buying carnations for my house. I love warm light. I work all the time and the nomadic feeling does not disappear from my heart. I believe in the universe. I never lose hope or passion. The stage is my vital ritual, I was born to get up and share my music with my people.


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